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Explore our childcare provider profiles in Mansfield, LA and Northwest Louisiana

If you're looking to hire a trusted childcare provider in Mansfield, LA or surrounding areas, it's important to be confident in your decision. Luckily, performance profiles are in place to give you peace of mind. These profiles, which are required for publicly funded early childhood sites like those at DeSoto Ready Start, highlight important information regarding the center's classroom quality and best practices for pre-kindergarten evaluation.

Our performance profiles

Our childcare providers are assessed at five different levels: Unsatisfactory, Approaching Proficient, Proficient, High Proficient and Excellent. You will find the profile scores for each of our Head Start centers below.


Logansport High School PreK: 4-High Proficient
DPSB PreK 3 at Logansport High School: Proficient


Mansfield Elementary School PreK: 4-High Proficient
DPSB PreK 3 at Mansfield Elementary: High Proficient
Save the Children Head Start/Early Head Start: High Proficient
We Care of Mansfield: Proficient
GBaby's Development Center: Proficient


Stanley High School PreK: 4-Excellent


North DeSoto Lower Elementary & PreK: 4-High Proficient
DPSB PreK 3 at North DeSoto Lower Elementary: No rating yet
Small Impressions: No rating yet

If you have any questions about our pre-kindergarten evaluations, we'll be glad to speak with you today.