Each center in the Webster Ready Start community uses a Tier 1 curriculum for their learning centers. The curriculum is implemented from early learning ages to 5 years. To see more about the curriculum used see the sections below.
Tier I curriculum offers guidance and tools for assessing children’s growth and learning. Teachers can use this assessment information to add valuable evidence to children’s GOLD® portfolios, monitor progress and finalize checkpoints.  
Each of the Tier I curriculum assessments are:  
  • – Consistent with the Louisiana Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards and with the GOLD® Objectives for Development and Learning (ODLs)
  • – Conducted through a variety of methods such as anecdotal observations/notes, checklists, photographs, work samples, benchmark assessments, rubrics, etc. 
  • – Embedded throughout activities and routines within the daily schedule (e.g. whole group, small group, center times, outdoor times, transitions, etc.)  
Students are assessed using GOLD standards. Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic, ongoing observational assessment for children from birth through kindergarten. Teaching Strategies GOLD is based on 38 objectives for development and learning that include predictors of school success and are based on school readiness standards. The assessments are an authentic part of instruction, not a disruption. To view the GOLD standards click the button below.

Early Learning

Kaplan’s Connect4Learning program is used in our Type 3 Early Learning programs as well as our public PreK 4 classrooms. This program features six curriculum units that are focused on supporting children’s development of ten comprehensive cognitive processes. These core processes are both domain specific and applicable across all four learning domains.

Head Start

DeSoto Head Start uses the Creative Curriculum  by Teaching Strategies. Creative Curriculum offers individualize instruction by understanding how children’s abilities progress and supporting them with unique color-coded progressions that show the typical development of skills from birth through third grade. Effectively scaffold learning experiences to respond to each child’s current strengths and needs with embedded guidance and strategies located on curricular resources.

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