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Who is DeSoto Ready Start?

The DeSoto Ready Start Network is a small rural early childhood network in northwest Louisiana. The network is rated as "High Proficient" within the early childhood rating system. In the 2022/2023 school year, 381 children, ages birth to five, are being served in the community. 100% of our sites use a Tier 1 curriculum.

The Network has made steady growth on the district performance profiles over the last five years, increasing to a 'High Proficient" rating for the network. The number of early childhood sites with a High Proficient rate continues to rise. Currently, one site is rated 'Excellent' and five are rated 'High Proficient'. We added 2 new Type III centers, The Little School of Child Development 2 in November of 2021 and GBaby's Development Center in May of 2022. We also have added two Type III classes for three year olds at two of our public schools. Those new centers and sites do not have ratings yet.

Vision and mission guiding statements:

  • All DeSoto Parish children birth through age five are afforded opportunities to achieve maximum pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readiness skills.
  • These children should also be provided equitable access to physical, emotional and high quality educational support they will need to enter school ready to succeed.

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